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The Lakota Sioux American Indian tribe has kept a 2000-year-old legend alive, a story that tells of a white buffalo calf woman emerging to a couple of hunters. In a much more complicated lesson to the hunters than I can include here, she revealed her presence because their people had lost touch with the Creator and had arrived to teach them how to regain that ability. The extensive story goes on to say that upon its reappearance the legend would come bringing a time of enlightenment, abundance, and a renewed experience of goodwill toward all.

While the ongoing activities of the world today do not appear to be anything even close to those expectations, I believe that the enlightenment and conscious awareness, the very essences of the ‘White Buffalo’ story, are occurring in the hearts and minds of individuals in all faith and walks of life. This is revealed as seen day after day in the heartwarming occurrences in the lives of ordinary people, helping and even saving others, all of which demonstrate what the legend portends.

I’m amazed that I can even remember having had a specific dream. Well, that wasn’t the only dream I’ve had in that time, but it was one, to the finest detail, that I have never forgotten, nor ever will. I was driving on a straight but hilly rural highway when I spotted a dry creek bed ahead which passed under the road. Upon approaching it i saw that the arroyo of it continued down the hill to my right Then, without conscious reason, I pulled my new Japanese Sapporo car (new twenty years earlier than the dream) off the road and followed the grassy edge of the shallow crevice about fifty yards down to where a flat surface area emerged.

I turned the wheel sharply to the lef.t taking advantage of it for my return to the highway, which in contrast to the smooth trip down, was bumpy with rocks and vegetation debris strewn around. Unexpectedly, a small herd of buffalo appeared headed my way down the hill The car was never hit head on but suffered numerous sideswipes and with dust and flying debris that was being kicked up. Shaken but unhurt, I exited the dust and approached the highway above.

To my amazement, standing majestically on the site where the dry arroyo passed under the highway, was an oversized white buffalo, somewhat illuminized. Even more surprising, but heartwarming, I was the one dramatically sitting on its back, smiling broadly and obviously very happy. Probably, most anyone who ventures into the literary field of dreams would offer credible interpretation its meaning.

I related the dream the next morning to my wife, Judy, who is one who can tell you what a dream means, if it were her dream. [a story for another time, maybe] Sometime later, I related it to my sister, also named Judy, in Prescott Valley, Arizona. As Christmas approached the following year, I received a rather heavy box from her, and her daughter, Dawn, in which a six-inch-high porcelain white buffalo appeared. That gift conveyed a very special meaning to me, and still offers a tremendous spiritual source for my day to day thinking. From that time, it has had a shelf spot where it can be seen every day, continually reminding me of the legend and allowing me to absorb the inspirations it represents. The deepest sense of the dream, however, is that of gratitude, which is for the life I have, who I am, what I have, where I am and especially who I am with. And so it is. Namaste.

Note: I found much more of the legend online at The Legend of the White Buffalo. There are many sub-sources at this site but I chose the entry by Jim and Dena Riley/

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